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REMONDIS announces management team to deliver $700 million Resource Recovery Precinct

REMONDIS Australia // 27 July 2021


Team assembly timed with ramp up of community engagement about proposed Energy from Waste (EfW) facility


Many Australians don’t know that EfW facilities are a way of life overseas


New team comprises a mix of national and international waste management expertise


REMONDIS Australia (REMONDIS) has announced key management appointments as it ramps up community engagement around its proposed Energy from Waste facility, which forms part of the planned $700 million Clean Energy & Resource Recovery Precinct at Swanbank.

A locally based team bringing a mix of national and international waste management expertise has been assembled to ensure the precinct can deliver the best benefits and is understood by the community.

The team will lead a detailed design process and Environmental Impact Statement for assessment by the Queensland Government.

Project Director Stefan Dittrich brings invaluable expertise from Europe and Asia where precinct waste management has flourished in recent years.

Project Manager Sarah Collins is a well-known Australian waste industry leader.

Mechanical Engineer David O’Malley is overseeing technical, engineering and concept design work.

Environmental Manager Amrish Trivedi is drawing on world’s best practice to ensure the precinct is environmentally sound.

“We’ve assembled the best team to deliver the world’s best waste management opportunities,” Sarah Collins said.

“The proposed precinct would be a $700 million investment creating 200 construction and 70 permanent jobs.

“Everyone knows that piling non-recyclable waste into ugly holes in the ground is terrible for the environment and untenable.

“That’s why the precinct’s $400 million Energy from Waste component is so important. 

“Such facilities have been embraced overseas, including in densely populated cities such as Paris, London, Copenhagen, Cologne, Zurich, Vienna, Palm Beach and Singapore.

“As a global leader in waste management and with 30 years’ experience developing this technology, REMONDIS knows how safe and effective Energy from Waste facilities are.

“The precinct-based approach we’re proposing at Swanbank is a technologically advanced one-stop-shop approach, meaning we can do something with pretty much every bit of waste that comes in, with a focus on recycling.  

“The Energy from Waste facility is the clincher, because we can almost eliminate non-recyclable waste and landfill problems including odour, leachate and methane. From the safe combustion process, you can also generate a far cleaner form of electricity,”

Project Director Stefan Dittrich said many Australians didn’t know that Energy from Waste facilities were a way of life overseas.

“These facilities operate safely and effectively in the busiest urban places on Earth,” Dittrich said.

“REMONDIS alone operates such facilities across 30 countries, often in high density areas, and under strict international standards.

“One is situated on the Seine River near the Eiffel Tower. An amazing grass ski run has been built on the top and sides of an Energy from Waste plant In Copenhagen. Two plants operate adjacent to REMONDIS’ headquarters in Lünen, Germany. They’re safe, effective and accepted by communities. 

“It’s inevitable that Australia will have to tap into the overseas experiences to find a sustainable solution to our waste problems, which is why we’re going all out to ensure that communities such as Ipswich understand what we’re proposing and the benefits.”

Technical Manager David O’Malley explained that the Swanbank site was ideal for an Energy from Waste facility.

“For such facilities to work you need assured waste supply, water supply and electricity infrastructure so newly created power can be pumped into the grid. All those things are on offer at Swanbank, where waste management operations have been happening for many years.

“We’re looking at up to 500,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste being diverted from landfill each year and used instead to generate electricity to power 50 thousand homes a year. It’s a win for the community, the environment and the economy.” 

After briefing residents, elected representatives, businesses, community groups and schools over the past year, REMONDIS is now taking community engagement and education to the next level.

This will include informative advertising and high-profile pop-up information booths at various locations, starting at Riverlink Shopping Centre on 30 July, from 10am to 1pm.

REMONDIS said anyone with questions about the proposal could also call 07 3167 1200 at any time, arrange a private briefing, or visit

“Anecdotally, and through our own detailed research, we know that so many people in and around Ipswich can see merit in what we’re proposing,” Collins added.

“We need the community to have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they like, which is why our consultation program is so thorough.” 

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