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REMONDIS Somerton Liquid Processing Plant

REMONDIS Somerton Liquid Processing Plant (formerly the operations of Waste2Water Technologies) is located 21kms north of Melbourne’s CBD and specialises in processing liquid industrial waste, including regulated materials.


41-47 Freight Drive
VIC 3062 Somerton


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Customer Service

Sales Representative
T 1300 009-928

Credit Team
T 13 73-73

Incidents & Environmental Complaints
T 1300 110-638


Our liquid processing plant, formerly known as Waste2Water Technologies, is the go-to tipping facility for EPA waste. Our focus is on industrial wash water management, including leachate, car and truck washings, stone cutting, rainwater, triple interceptor, effluent / septic pumpouts and more. We also offer water recycling services to improve your business operations and environmental outcomes.


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Liquid waste processing

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Our liquid processing plant can accept the following waste types


Sludges or slurries, including drilling muds containing hazardous substances.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Sludges or slurries, including drilling muds other than item 102 under Schedule 5 of the Regulations 2021.

Waste duty: Priority waste


Leachate from waste treatment/disposal operations.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Car and truck washwaters.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Industrial wastewaters (excluding sewage) which meets conditions relating to wastewater reuse in a permission.

Waste duty: Priority waste


Fire debris and fire wash-waters excluding anything covered under item 79 under Schedule 5 of the Regulations 2021.


Waste oils, hydrocarbons, emulsions and transformer fluids excluding polychlorinated biphenyls.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Waste oil/water, hydrocarbons/water mixtures or emulsions.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Triple interceptor waste and stormwater contaminated with oil or hydrocarbon.

Waste duty: Reportable priority waste


Aqueous-based wastes from the production, formulation and use of paints, lacquers, varnish, inks, dyes and pigments.

Waste duty: Reportable Priority waste


Aqueous-based wastes from the production, formulation and use of resins, latex, plasticisers, glues and adhesives.

Waste duty: Reportable Priority waste



pH value of 10 or more, including caustic soda, alkaline cleaners and waste lime.

Waste duty: Reportable Priority waste


Sludges or slurries, including drilling muds other than item 102 under Schedule 5 of the Regulations 2021.

Waste duty: Priority waste

What can't we handle?

  • PFAS (or any derivatives)
  • PCBs
  • High caustic or high acid content liquids
  • High solid contents – such as rocks and concrete blocks.

Industries we serve

With vast experience serving a wide range of industries, including but not limited to mining, oil and gas extraction and processing, infrastructure, construction, boring, solvents, heating and cooling oils, synthetics, and more, you can rest assured that your waste management is in capable hands.

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