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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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Waste Water Disposal

REMONDIS Australia

Waste water treatment

Specialised waste water treatment services

REMONDIS Aqua Australia provides expert consultancy, operation and management of waste water treatment services, often in rural or remote locations.

We can address any waste water treatment engineering requirements or end-to-end operation optimisation needs, and we take pride in meeting our clients’ sustainability ambitions.

Infrastructure for water collection, removal of its waste elements and treatment, incorporates facilities for recovery, processing, pumping and storage. The piping and other intricate operating networks that support each of these processes are custom designed, operated and maintained by REMONDIS Aqua. Our customers opt for selected services or a complete suite of services, from maintenance of operations through to concept designs for the complete lifecycle.

Supporting services include engagement with local regulatory authorities for compliance such as environmental protection licencing and government issued development permits, as well as community consultation for design considerations and awareness campaigns.

Our tech stack monitors all aspects of water infrastructure integrity. Flow pressure and volume, contaminant type identification, isolation and treatment efficacy, parts and mechanical age aligned performance, maintenance scheduling, replacement forecasting and associated costs are managed through purpose-built, REMONDIS-developed software applications.

Workflow and data integration with other systems such as warehouse, financial, GIS, administration and CCTV cameras ensure enterprise transparency and operational enhancement opportunities. These capabilities, known as Grid Management, form part of REMONDIS' Intelligent Network Logistics offering.

Waste water treatment services

  • Waste water disposal consultancy services
  • Ad hoc or contracted collection services
  • Crisis / flooding disposal services
  • Supply of waste water disposal plant and equipment
  • Staffing and operation of plant and equipment
  • Monitoring and reporting

REMONDIS Aqua’s three specialised services

Within Australia, REMONDIS Aqua’s expertise comprises three principal service offerings for customer-specific, highly bespoke water management solutions.

About Aqua Australia

REMONDIS Aqua Australia provides water supply and waste water treatment solutions for public and privately owned infrastructures. This includes all aspects of operations and maintenance, as well as engineering design concepts, processing methodologies and regulatory authority compliance.

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About Aqua international

Internationally, we are able to build, operate and maintain pipe networks, drinking water processing facilities and sewage treatment plants as well as facilities to treat residual materials. We help to save important resources and bring vital raw materials back into circulation. An example of this is our internationally patented and award-winning REMONDIS TetraPhos® Process for recovering phosphorus from sewage.

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