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Redooo’s solution for food and beverage manufacturers

Redooo // 15 May 2023


The Australian food and beverage industry is the country’s largest manufacturing sector


F&B manufacturers can generate organic waste, packaging waste and wastewater – plus general waste and other recyclables


Food manufacturing processes must comply with necessary waste management regulations


Redooo – part of the global REMONDIS group – is Australia's largest and most trusted waste management platform, offering a digital-first solution to comprehensive waste management. 


It only takes ten minutes wandering down a supermarket aisle to spot hundreds of Australian-made food and beverage products. The Australian Trade and Investment Commission reports that the Australian food and beverage industry is its largest manufacturing sector, with multinationals through to smaller players meeting a wide range of market demand.

In the midest of this manufacturing flurry lies a significant amount of waste. As Australian businesses and individuals look to find more sustainable practices across all kinds of manufacturing, many food and beverage manufacturers are constantly iterating on how waste is dealt with in their processes. 

Waste considerations for food and beverage manufacturers

The kind of waste generated by food and beverage manufacturers include organic waste, packaging waste and wastewater. Not only is management of these waste forms important for ongoing sustainability within the industry, but it's also crucial in making sure all manufacturing processes comply with necessary waste management regulations.

Organic waste

Organic waste poses a major challenge for manufacturers. It's often disposed of in landfill sites, which represents an immediate opportunity for more sustainability through diversion. By finding pathways to divert this organic waste into compost, manufacturers can not only reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, but they can also contribute to improving soil health through the results of the composting process.

Packaging waste

Packaging waste is also a large and ever-evolving challenge for food and beverage manufacturers. With each product reliant on packaging to safely move from production through to the end consumer, any solutions that can reduce the amount of packaging are of great interest in this field.

Recyclable or compostable packaging solutions are on the rise in response to this growing problem. More manufacturers are opting for sustainable packaging practices, minimising the harmful impact of each product and contributing to a greener environmental footprint for the company and consumer alike.


What's the least obvious form of waste in a manufacturing industry? Wastewater. As each production process can result in large amounts of wastewater, careful treatment of this by-product is crucial to protecting the environment. Water reuse programs are one way manufacturers are looking to reduce their environmental impact. Want to know more? REMONDIS Aqua Australia is our specialist wastewater division. 

Food waste

Finally, food waste can be a common problem for manufacturers in these industries. In response, many organisations are looking to reduce their food wastage, using tools such as improved inventory management, excess food donation or the repurposing of food waste into alternative uses.

No matter whether you're a major player in the Australian food and beverage manufacturing industry, or the manufacturer of a single niche product, building sustainable waste practices is paramount to contributing to a brighter environmental future.

All-in-one waste management solutions

Redooo's waste management services tackle any and all forms of waste management that arise in the food and beverage manufacturing industries. With the right service for the right occasion, we're supporting Australian businesses in their pursuit of sustainable and cost-effective production practices.

How does Redooo work?

Simply enter your address, select your required waste type, desired size and confirm your preferred delivery and removal dates. That’s it!

Try Redooo

Redooo is waste removal made easy // Australia's largest waste management platform for buying waste and recycling services online 

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