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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its + branches and associated companies in more than countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Our projects


Our portfolio

We have worked on some remarkable projects

REMONDIS Aqua Australia’s unique expertise lends itself to some fascinating challenges and complex problems, locally and around the world.

In Australia, we service and maintain multiple sewage and pollution treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and oily water separators. We also operate a Reverse Osmosis plant that produces recycled water for vehicle washing, with a Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) to treat sewerage.

Internationally, we have more than 40 years’ international experience in multi-utility water supply, treatment and sewage sludge recycling. Our solutions span 34 countries, servicing a wide range of industrial services organisations and municipalities, makes us a leading global provider.

Here’s a selection from REMONDIS Aqua's vast portfolio of projects.

Ultra-pure water supply for industrial businesses

BASF Coatings AG is a global provider of industrial paints, lacquers and coating solutions for vehicles and their repair as well as other industrial applications, such as materials for painting buildings.

REMONDIS Aqua provides their factory, based in Hiltrup, Germany, with ultra-pure water (UPW) used in their production. The ultra-pure water is drinking water purified to specification, involving the removal of bacteria, metals and minerals that would otherwise impair production integrity. Notably 99.85% of salt is extracted.

A site-specific technological concept was developed, including the integration of electro-deionisation (EDI) and membrane degasification to supplement reverse osmosis.

As part of this project, we also built and now operate a facility for desalinating municipal drinking water.

Benefits and outcomes
  • High water yields
  • Low amounts of chemicals needed
  • Top quality water
  • Reliable, guaranteed supply
  • Cost effective
  • Greater competitive edge

Multi-chemical composite waste water treatment

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals b.v., based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, is Europe's largest producer of vacuum salt and a leading supplier of chlorine, caustic lye, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride and chemicals for processing water. The detergent, construction, food, paper, aviation, automobile, pharmaceutical, textile and plastics industries are high end consumers of these chemical artefacts.

Their chemical park’s waste water production from disparate sites on the precinct comprises a composition of chlor-alkali products, vinyl chlorides and herbicides. AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals was seeking an innovative solution from the market: future proofing increased volume of and composition variant in their waste water production and a sustainable treatment model.

By implementing REMONDIS' accredited plant operations concept, the chemical precipitation and biological treatment processes have been optimised, resulting in broader waste composition acceptance, decreased chemical usage and sludge generation.

Benefits and outcomes
  • Optimised chemical precipitation processes
  • Optimised biological treatment processes
  • Broader waste composition acceptance
  • Decreased chemical usage
  • Decreased sludge generation

Phosphorous recovery and re-purpose from sewage

Phosphorus is a vital, scarce element for plant growth, with Europe depending almost entirely on phosphate imports which are increasingly showing signs of contamination. Phosphorus consumption through food ends up in sewage. Now, using patented REMONDIS technology, wastewater plants now recover clean water, energy and minerals from it.

The REMONDIS TetraPhos® process is an economically viable and environmentally sustainable solution for the recovery and re-purpose of phosphorous and other minerals from sewage. The patented technology and methodology cost-effectively recovers high quality phosphate from sewage sludge ash, which is then processed into an industrial quality phosphoric acid, branded RePacid®. RePacid can be sold on the market and used without any additional processing. Its primary application is in agriculture as fertiliser and stock feed – minimising the need for importation and the consequent risks. Through biological treatment processing, nutrient-rich compost is produced for use as a complementary soil substrate.

About Aqua Australia

REMONDIS Aqua Australia provides water supply and waste water treatment solutions for public and privately owned infrastructures. This includes all aspects of operations and maintenance, as well as engineering design concepts, processing methodologies and regulatory authority compliance.

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About Aqua international

Internationally, we are able to build, operate and maintain pipe networks, drinking water processing facilities and sewage treatment plants as well as facilities to treat residual materials. We help to save important resources and bring vital raw materials back into circulation. An example of this is our internationally patented and award-winning REMONDIS TetraPhos® Process for recovering phosphorus from sewage.

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