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Automotive liquid waste

Waste Streams

Automotive liquids

REMONDIS are experts in the servicing of triple interceptor traps and wash water pits and processing automotive liquid waste.

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Why choose REMONDIS for your automotive liquid waste service?

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Our automotive liquid waste services are fully compliant with local water authority standards, preventing hefty fines for mismanagement

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Flexible scheduling

Choose a service frequency according to your needs, whether it be on a regular schedule or on-demand

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Prevent spills, blockages and the high costs associated with unscheduled emergency cleanouts

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Large, diverse fleet

Our dedicated liquid waste transport fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit any sized automotive traps and pits, and hard-to-access spaces

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What do you need to know about automotive liquid waste?

Triple interceptor traps and wash water pits are legally required to be fitted in automotive businesses that clean or service cars. They’re designed to stop grease, oil, chemicals, dirt and light waste particles from entering our waterways.

These traps and pits need regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality and prevent blockages, overspills and flooding.

REMONDIS conducts safe and responsible automotive liquid waste cleaning services in which waste water is collected, separated and processed for either resource recovery or safe disposal. We conduct our wash pits and trap servicing to local water authority standards.

Our trap and wash water pit services include:

  • Assessment of waste to water ratio
  • Recommendations to empty liquid and solid debris, remove blockages etc
  • Complete fat, oil and grease (FOG) removal
  • Washing and scraping of walls and baffles
  • Inspection of inlet and outlet points
  • Deodorisation and replacement of lids
  • Reporting of pit condition and abnormalities
  • Pit/trap audits to maintain service quality

Waste liquids safely collected and responsibly disposed include:

  • Waste fuel, diesel (J100) or petrol (G100)
  • Waste solvent, or waste thinners (G110, G150, G160, F130)
  • Waste coolant (M130)
  • Waste oil (J100)

Who uses our automotive liquid waste recycling services?

Car wash // Mechanics // Service stations // Motor vehicle workshops // Galvanisers // Panel beaters // Auto body workshops // Automotive manufacturing

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What happens to your waste?

After your trap and/or wash water pits are serviced and all dirt, oil and grease is removed, our staff transport the material to a licenced Liquid Treatment Plant. At the plant, waste water is separated, treated and safely disposed of through our licensed waste water sewage system. Non-liquid waste is safely treated and disposed of at licensed facilities.

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