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Waste Streams

Organic solvents

REMONDIS are experts in the collection, transport, disposal or recycling of organic solvents

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Why choose REMONDIS for your organic solvent disposal?

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Certified and compliant

Our organic solvent waste management services are fully trackable and ISO-certified to local waste and water authority standards, preventing hefty fines for mismanagement

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Flexible scheduling

Choose a service frequency according to your needs, whether it be on a regular schedule or on-demand

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Prevent spills, blockages and the high costs associated with unscheduled emergency servicing

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Large, diverse fleet

Our dedicated liquid waste transport fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit any sized liquid waste collection, even in hard-to-access spaces

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Our organic solvents services

REMONDIS Australia is licenced to transport and receive various organic solvents and solvent residues for the purpose of accumulation, treatment, and processing in all major cities of Australia. Our services include:

  • Chemical physical analysis
  • EPA licenced transport and receiving facilities
  • Waste tracking and transport in line with the ADG requirements.
  • Accumulation, treatment and processing
  • Development of the recycling processes for particularly valuable materials in cooperation with the customer

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What are organic solvents?

The terms organic solvents and solvent residues cover a large number of different groups of substances.

These materials are generated from a wide variety of industrial manufacturing, mining and related industries.

Organic solvents are classified as ‘hazardous’ or ‘regulated’ waste depending on the risk the material may have on the community or the environment when handled improperly during either transport or disposal.

The transport and disposal of hazardous liquid waste is regulated by state environmental authorities and must be tracked from collection and transport through to disposal at licensed facilities using compliant chain of responsibility  procedures. Under these laws, it is a business’ responsibility to ensure their hazardous liquid waste is being transported and disposed of by certified professionals to licensed facilities following these procedures.

Managing organic solvents in Victoria

In Victoria organic solvents and solvent residues waste tracking and transport is regulated under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail (ADG).

Waste transaction tracking requires up to four contaminants to be identified, where applicable, listing contaminants in order of potential hazard.

See below list of ADG Codes:

ADG Codes by contaminant
Polychlorinated biphenyl and related compounds 1
Halogenated hydrocarbons NOS 2
Mercury and mercuric compounds 3
Chromium and chromium compounds 4
Arsenic and arsenic compounds 5
Cadmium and cadmium compounds 6
Boron compounds 7
Inorganic cyanides 8
Mercaptans, methacrylates and sulfides 9
Lead compounds 10
Copper compounds 11
Zinc compounds 12
Nickel compounds 13
Silver compounds 14
Vanadium compounds 15
Cobalt compounds 16
Fluoride compounds NOS 17
Acidic solutions 18
Basic solutions 19
Asbestos 20
Peroxides 21
Perchlorates 22
Isocyanates and thiocyanates 23
Phenols 24
Organic solvents, excluding halogenated solvents 25
Aromatic compounds NOS 26
Beryllium and beryllium compounds 27
Selenium and selenium compounds 28
Tin compounds 29
Antimony and antimony compounds 30
Tellurium and tellurium compounds 31
Barium and barium compounds 32
Thallium and thallium compounds 33
Inorganic sulfides 34
Inorganic fluoride compounds 35
Organic cyanides 36
Alkaline or alkaline earth metals 37
Inorganic phosphorus compounds 38
Metal carbonyls 39
Chlorates 40
Azides 41
Pharmaceutical or veterinary compounds 42
Biocides and phytopharmaceutical substances NOS 43
Creosotes 44
Organic phosphorus compounds 45
Ethers 46
Organic nitrogen compounds, especially aliphatic amines 47
Organic nitrogen compounds, especially aromatic amines 48
Explosives 49
Sulfur organic compounds NOS 50
Any congenor of polychlorinated dibenzo-furan 51
Any congenor of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin 52
Hydrocarbons and its oxygen nitrogen or sulfur compounds NOS 53
Halogenated organic solvents NOS 54
Molybdenum and molybdenum compounds 55
Organochlorine pesticides 56
Phenoxyacetic acid herbicides (including 2,4-D) 57
Phthalates 58
Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) 59
Nitrogen compounds, including nitrates and nitrites 60
Chloride 61
Iodide 62
Polybrominated compounds 63
Benzene 64
Benzo(a)pyrene 65
C6-C9 petroleum hydrocarbons 66
C10-C36 petroleum hydrocarbons 67
Carbon tetrachloride 68
Chlorobenzene 69
Chloroform 70
Chlorophenol 71
Cresol 72
Dichlorobenzene 73
Dichloromethane 74
Dichlorophenol 75
Dinitrotoluene 76
Ethylbenzene 77
Formaldehyde 78
Hexachlorobutadiene 79
Methyl ethyl ketone 80
Nitrobenzene 81
Styrene 83
Tetrachloroethane 84
Toluene 85
Trichlorobenzene 86
Trichloroethane 87
Trichlorophenol 88
Vinyl chloride 89
Xylenes 90

Hazardous liquid waste producers must identify the waste’s industry of origin, by selecting from the following (abbreviated) list of ANZSIC (Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification) codes provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

ANZSIC Code by industry
Oil and gas extraction 700
Iron ore mining 801
Bauxite mining 802
Copper ore mining 803
Gold ore mining 804
Silver-lead-zinc ore mining 807
Other metal-ore mining 809
Petroleum refining and petroleum fuel manufacturing 1701
Other petroleum and coal product manufacturing 1709
Industrial gas manufacturing 1811
Basic inorganic chemical manufacturing 1813
Synthetic resin and synthetic rubber manufacturing 1821
Fertiliser manufacturing 1831
Human pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing 1841
Veterinary pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing 1842
Cleaning compound manufacturing 1851
Cosmetic and toiletry preparation manufacturing 1852
Photographic chemical product manufacturing 1891
Explosive manufacturing 1892
Other basic chemical product manufacturing, NOS 1899
Tyre manufacturing 1914
Adhesive manufacturing 1915
Paint and coatings manufacturing 1916
Iron smelting and steel manufacturing 2110
Iron and steel casting 2121
Steel pipe and tube manufacturing 2122
Alumina production 2131
Aluminium smelting 2132
Copper, silver, lead and zinc smelting and refining 2133
Other basic non-ferrous metal manufacturing 2139
Non-ferrous metal casting 2141
Aluminium rolling, drawing, extruding 2142
Other basic non-ferrous metal product manufacturing 2149
Iron and steel forging 2210
Structural steel fabricating 2221
Architectural aluminium product manufacturing 2223
Metal roof and guttering manufacturing (except aluminium) 2224
Sheet metal product manufacturing (except metal structural and container products) 2240
Spring and wire product manufacturing 2291
Nut, bolt, screw and rivet manufacturing 2292
Metal coating and finishing 2293
Other fabricated metal product manufacturing NOS 2299
Motor vehicle manufacturing 2311
Motor vehicle body and trailer manufacturing 2312
Automotive electrical component manufacturing 2313
Shipbuilding and repair services 2391
Photographic, optical and ophthalmic equipment manufacturing 2411
Computer and electronic office equipment manufacturing 2421
Electric cable and wire manufacturing 2431
Solid waste collection services 2911
Other waste collection services 2919
Other heavy and civil engineering construction 3109
Port and water transport terminal operation 5212
Airport operation and other air transport support services 5220
Central government administration 7510
State government administration 7520
Local government administration 7530
Defence 7600
Fire protection and other emergency services 7713
Secondary education 8022
Higher education 8102
Dental services 8531
Automotive body, paint and interior repair 9412
Other automotive repair and maintenance 9419
Domestic appliance repair and maintenance 9421
Photographic film processing 9532

Who uses our organic solvents services?

Mining // Automotive // Service stations // Manufacturing // Agriculture // Construction // Laboratories // Cleaners

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Recycling organic solvents

Solvent waste can be recycled into a variety of grades of reusable solvent and gun washes. The recycled solvent can also be used to provide alternative fuel sources to manufacturers such as the cement industry

The redistilled solvent can be used as an alternative fuel for cement kilns. This can be done through a solvent distillation process, in which the solvents are treated with heat to break the solvent down into its component parts. Distillation can also produce saleable grade solvent which then re-joins the circular economy as a recovered resource for reuse.

REMONDIS aims to work to recover and reuse organic solvent and solvent residues through our fully EPA licensed service, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

What happens to your organic solvents?

We’ll discuss recycling or disposal options with you, based on the volume, location, storage and type of material to be managed.

After your hazardous liquids are safely collected and transported, they are taken to one of our licensed liquid processing facilities. Where possible, we will always recover resources using our network of licensed processing facilities, before responsibly disposing of materials that cannot be recovered.

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Environmental Treatment Solutions

Environmental Treatment Solutions (ETS), a member of the REMONDIS Group, provides chemical and hazardous waste disposal services from licensed facilities in Minto, Blayney and Rutherford


Paintback is the national Product Stewardship Scheme for Australian paint. REMONDIS is a proud partner of Paintback, providing logistical and processing services via our Integrated and Managed Services division

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