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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its + branches and associated companies in more than countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Septic sewage biosolids

Our Services

Effluent pump out

REMONDIS are experts in the servicing of residential and commercial septic tanks, sewage removal and effluent pump out services. We conduct safe and responsible effluent pump out, sewage removal and septic tank cleaning services for residential and commercial businesses, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Why choose REMONDIS for your effluent pump out service?

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Our sewage removal, septic tank and effluent pump out services are fully compliant with local water authority standards

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Flexible scheduling

Choose a service frequency according to your needs, whether it be on a regular schedule or on-demand

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Prevent spills, blockages and the high costs associated with unscheduled emergency servicing

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Local fleet

Our dedicated liquid waste fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit any sized tank, and hard-to-access spaces

What do you need to know?

Septic tanks are an underground sewerage maintenance system used to treat waste water produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains and laundries in areas that are not connected to main sewerage lines. Septic tanks are designed to assist in the breakdown of solid waste and grease while allowing residual water to be filtered back into the surrounding land. They need regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality and prevent blockages, overspills and flooding.

REMONDIS conducts fully certified effluent / sewage removal and septic tank cleaning services for private residences, households and commercial businesses, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Proactive maintenance is the key to performance:

  • Regular maintenance: Our scheduled maintenance plans are designed to catch potential issues early, preventing minor problems from turning into major headaches. From thorough inspections to cleaning and necessary adjustments  – including assessment of waste to water ratio, inspection of inlet and outlet points and reporting of tank condition and abnormalities – we'll keep your system running efficiently.
  • Effluent pumping: Safely and efficiently removing accumulated wastewater, we ensure your tank remains within its capacity limits to avoid overflows.
  • Systematic cleaning: Through meticulous cleaning of your tank, lids and leach field, we eliminate buildup that can hinder proper drainage and system functionality.
  • Sludge removal: Using advanced equipment, we tackle stubborn sludge buildup to guarantee your tank operates at full capacity.
  • Decommissioning outdated systems: Safely and responsibly decommissioning old septic systems, we ensure compliance with regulations and minimise environmental impact.

24/7 Emergency Pumping Services:

  • Our dedicated team is available round the clock to handle any unexpected emergencies, minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to you.

Local teams serving local communities

REMONDIS operates specialised sewage removal, septic tank and effluent pumpout services from our branches across Australia. 

REMONDIS Tomago, serving Lake Macquarie, Hunter region and Central Coast, NSW

REMONDIS Sunshine Coast, serving the Sunshine Coast and region, QLD

REMONDIS Picton and REMONDIS St Marys, serving Sydney and the Southern Highlands, NSW

What happens to your waste?

After servicing your septic tank and removing all waste, our team transports the material to a licensed Liquid Treatment Plant. Here, the waste water undergoes a process of separation, treatment, and safe disposal within a licensed waste water sewage system. This meticulous procedure ensures environmental responsibility at every stage of the process.

In some locations, residual biosolids are taken to an Organics Resource Recovery Facility (ORRF) to be mixed with other organic material and turned into nutrient-rich material used in agriculture.

Read more about our ORFFs at Lake Macquarie and Port Macquarie

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