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hazardous liquid waste

Waste Streams

Hazardous liquids

REMONDIS are experts in the collection, transport and processing of chemical and hazardous liquid waste.

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Why choose REMONDIS for your hazardous liquid waste service?

Certified and compliant

Our hazardous waste services are fully trackable and ISO-certified to local waste and water authority standards, preventing hefty fines for mismanagement

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Flexible scheduling

Choose a service frequency according to your needs, whether it be on a regular schedule or on-demand

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Prevent spills, blockages and the high costs associated with unscheduled emergency servicing

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Large, diverse fleet

Our dedicated liquid waste transport fleet includes a range of vehicles to suit any sized liquid waste collection, even in hard-to-access spaces

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What do you need to know about hazardous liquid waste?

Liquids are classed as ‘hazardous’ or ‘regulated’ waste depending on the risk the material may have on the community or the environment when handled improperly during either transport or disposal.

Common hazardous or regulated liquids include:

  • Solvents
  • Paints
  • Industrial pesticides
  • Acids & alkalines
  • Oils
  • Flammable or combustible liquids (including ethanol, methylated spirits, acetone, petrol)

The transport and disposal of hazardous liquid waste is regulated by state environmental authorities and must be tracked from collection and transport through to disposal at licensed facilities using compliant chain of responsibility procedures. Under these laws, it is a business’ responsibility to ensure their hazardous liquid waste is being transported and disposed of by certified professionals to licensed facilities following these procedures.

Who uses our hazardous liquid services?

Automotive // Service stations // Manufacturing // Agriculture // Construction // Councils and Parks // Laboratories // Cleaners

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What happens to your waste?

After your hazardous liquids are safely collected and transported, they are taken to one of our licensed liquid processing facilities. Where possible, we will always recover resources from the hazardous liquids using our network of licensed facilities, before responsibly disposing of materials that cannot be recovered. 

Paint is one hazardous liquid which can be responsibly managed via Paintback, the national Product Stewardship Scheme for Australian paint. Once collected, the packaging and liquid are separated and the containers are recycled, subject to contamination. Solvent paint is used as an alternative energy source. Water is separated from acrylic paint, with the by-product used in a variety of industrial applications – significantly reducing landfill.

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Environmental Treatment Solutions

Majority owned by REMONDIS, Environmental Treatment Solutions provides chemical and hazardous waste disposal services from licensed facilities in Minto, Blayney and Rutherford


Paintback is the national Product Stewardship Scheme for Australian paint. REMONDIS is a proud partner of Paintback, providing logistical and processing services via our Integrated and Managed Services division

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