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Our Product Stewardship Tracking App wins national digitalisation award

REMONDIS Australia // 28 October 2022


REMONDIS Australia’s Product Stewardship Tracking App has won the Excellence in Digitalisation for Product Stewardship award


The App was developed in-house by REMONDIS IMS’s specialised digital team, with a focus on increasing resource recovery rates


The award program is run by Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence


REMONDIS Australia’s Integrated and Managed Services division (REMONDIS IMS) is celebrating another win. The team’s Product Stewardship Tracking Application is a bespoke digital app won the national Excellence in Digitalisation for Product Stewardship category in the Excellence in Product Stewardship Awards 2022, announced in Sydney on 27 October 2022.

Used by drivers in the field, the mobile App was designed to quickly and easily track movements, record weights and capture photographic evidence during material processing. The App, initially developed to service the national product stewardship scheme Paintback, enables REMONDIS to track every stillage collected from participating transfer stations in QLD and Victoria, identify contamination in the stillages (chemicals and other contaminants) and report this back to the specific Council / collection point / company that caused the issue. 

The App was conceived, developed, delivered and maintained by REMONDIS IMS to maximise resource recovery – which meant minimising contamination. Being able to map contaminants to their source – supported with photographic evidence – helps to drive behavioural change, leading to higher recovery rates.

The problem

Previously our client had no way of knowing where costly contamination came from, or whether the cost of disposing of non-recoverable material was justified.

The REMONDIS IMS team concentrated on delivering improved transparency in data collection and analytics, enabling the tracking of paint collected from its point of collection to the point of processing, while capturing essential details of the paint and other materials collected. This included tracking how much water-based paint, solvent-based paint, non-scheme paint and non-paint waste (chemicals and other contaminants) made its way into the collection system.

The solution

To do this, REMONDIS IMS’s in-house technology and digital development team conceived, designed and built an App from scratch that:

  • Integrated with REMONDIS IMS’ existing waste tracking system
  • Allowed our company and subcontracted drivers to use an iOS or Android smart phone or tablet to run the app
  • Used the smart phone camera to scan a unique QR code on each bin we collect
  • Tracked the bin ONTO the collection truck and then OFF at the processing site
  • Allowed the processing site to sort the contents of each bin, enter the weight of each category of material collected and take photos of the non-paint materials collected
  • Connected all the data collected back to a bin collected from a customer site on a particular day

Our team was confident we could deliver, and within a few months of securing the contract, the App was operational. We then worked with the drivers, processing sites and our customer Paintback to tweak its performance, and it is now integral to our contract delivery, with new ideas coming from within our operations team and from our customer that we can incorporate.


Transparency is a powerful tool for enabling behaviour change and logistical efficiency, and clever digitisation – importantly, delivered in an intuitive app deployed at the collection point on conventional smart phones, with no barrier to take-up by users – is the pathway to transparency.

The Product Stewardship Tracking App has made the following information transparent:

  • The weight of contaminated material per collection, by location
  • The nature of contaminants
  • The source of contaminants

…and in so doing has made it possible to change behaviour at the source, which in turn:

  • Reduces instances of contamination
  • Improves scheme safety
  • Improves recovery rates
  • Reduces disposal costs for the scheme

Disposing of contaminated materials comes at a higher cost, which can be a point of contention. The App now enables these conversations, making it easier to support and explain higher costs when required, and creating a feedback loop leading to fewer contaminants, and higher recovery rates. Transparency, enabled by digitalisation, enables the success of the scheme.

Nathan Radley, General Manager of REMONDIS Integrated and Managed Services, says: “As we continue to evolve the technology, we could even get to the point in future at which the owner of a product stewardship scheme could send a collection site photos of the contamination, the weight of contamination and an invoice for the cost – a true user-pays system.

“We now have major manufacturing customers asking whether the App can be adapted for use on their sites to track waste and recyclables leaving their site. We are also discussing its application to the recycling of materials such as solar panels, coffee pods and batteries.”

About the Product Stewardship Excellence Awards

The Product Stewardship Excellence Awards recognise achievements across stewardship outcomes for collective schemes and individual businesses, the use of digital technology and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

There were six categories judged by a panel of national and international experts across industry, government, research and stewardship organisations chaired by Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence director Dr Damien Giurco.

“The breadth of entrants and depth of innovation in this year's Product Stewardship Excellence Awards show just how much progress is being made in working to mainstream product stewardship with associated benefits for our society, Australia's economy and the environment," said Dr Giurco.

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