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Sustainability at REMONDIS

We have only one planet with limited resources – but we have thousands of employees with unlimited effort.

As a local and global leader in resource recovery, we have a unique opportunity to act: our recycling activities enable valuable raw materials to be recovered and returned to production cycles. But our commitment to sustainability does not stop there. Whether we are planning the routes our trucks take or reviewing the energy consumption in our facilities – we do everything in our power to protect the environment, prevent climate change and reduce our carbon footprint.

REMONDIS Australia's Sustainability Strategy sets out our approach. We've anchored our ambitions to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, recognising our responsibilities as an employer, as a consumer and as a global leader in resource management.

Sustainability Strategy
PDF (English)

Our 2021 Sustainability Report

Our 2021 Sustainability Report documents REMONDIS Australia’s progress in achieving the targets we set ourselves for the environment, corporate governance and social spheres in 2021, building on these to define our targets for 2022.

Despite the many challenges of 2021, we achieved the vast majority of our Sustainability Strategy for 2021, including the following highlights:

  • Gaining approval for our Tomago Resource Recovery Facility (NSW)
  • Registering three Emissions Reduction Fund projects to increase our greenhouse gas abatement
  • The release of our first Modern Slavery Report

We have set a range of ambitious targets for 2022, including – but by no means limited to – the following:

  • Increasing our total installed renewable energy capacity to more than 3 MW, with a plan to source all electricity from renewable sources by 2025
  • Pilot programs to support endangered species and for employee volunteering with a nature conservancy agency
  • A focus on increasing diversity in our workplace, including indigenous engagement and support for employees 
  • The development of a REMONDIS Driver Academy

2021 Sustainability Report
PDF (English)

Sustainable Development Goals

Our approach to setting our Sustainability Goals is guided by the United Nations Global Compact, which recommends a prioritisation principle for reporting against the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).


At REMONDIS we seek to protect and conserve the natural environment and its resources using effective environmental controls which are an integral part of well-managed operations. We are committed to working with our customers and suppliers to achieve best practice environmental outcomes using waste as a resource to power the future.

Target 7 Affordable & Clean Energy

Target 7.2 // Our 2022 Objective: Double the installed renewable energy generation capacity on a 2021 Baseline

Target 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Target 8.2 // Our 2022 Objective: Develop an aluminum composite panel recycling process

Target 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Target 9.1 // Our 2022 Objective: Development of viable energy from waste and advanced waste treatment projects, expanding waste infrastructure footprint for REMONDIS

Target 9.4 // Our 2022 Objective: Development of an Energy from Waste Project to service the South East Queensland market

Target 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Target 11.4 // Our 2022 Objectives: Conduct a pilot program at two REMONDIS sites to support efforts to protect endangered species AND Employee volunteer partnership with a nature conservancy agency

Target 11.6 // Our 2022 Objective: Conduct community education campaigns on source separating recyclable waste AND Promote the circular economy through increased plastic, steel, cardboard and paper recycling

Target 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Target 12.3 // Our 2022 Objectives: Increase the tonnes of food and garden waste composted AND Increase the collections of food and garden waste diverted from landfill

Target 12.4 // Our 2022 Objectives: Increase the amounts and types of hazardous chemicals treated to reduce environmental impact AND Expansion of facilities offering treatment options for hazardous chemicals AND Maintain compliance with all relevant environmental license operational requirements

Target 12.5 // Our 2022 Objective: Expansion of facilities offering resource recovery options for our clients

Target 12.6 // Our 2022 Objective: Develop a supplier guide for working with REMONDIS Australia to achieve our UN SDGs

Target 13 Climate Action

Target 13.2 // Our Objectives: All new and expanding projects to consider opportunities to participate in the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund AND Measure and report on Scope 1, 2 and 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions for REMONDIS Australia AND Commence trialling emissions reductions options in our diesel heavy vehicle transport fleet

Social goals

People, their safety and prosperity is the core of our business. As a proud employer of 800+ people, we recognise our impact extends to our business partners and the broader community in which we operate.

Target 3 Good Health & Wellbeing

Target 3.6 // Our 2022 Objectives: All workers trained on the requirements of Chain of Responsibility AND All heavy vehicle maintenance undertaken in accordance with preventative maintenance schedules and corrective action undertaken when identified

Target 3.9 // Our 2022 Objectives: REMONDIS Australia workers go home safe every day AND REMONDIS Australia’s safety performance trends to zero harm

Target 5 Gender Equality

Target 5.5 // Our 2022 Objective: Become a recognised employer of choice for women in the waste industry

Target 10 Reduced Inequalities

Target 10.2 // Our 2022 Objective: Increase Indigenous engagement

Governance goals

REMONDIS Australia’s internal systems and processes are designed to ensure that our ambitions for people and the environment are considered and promoted through the way that we work.

Target 5 Gender Equity

Target 5.1 // Our 2022 Objective: Recognise domestic violence, particularly violence against women as a significant societal workplace issue

Target 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Target 8.5 // Our 2022 Objectives: Strengthen REMONDIS’ support for the continued full and product employment for caregivers

Target 8.7 // Our 2022 Objective: Embed the anti-slavery policy and Modern Slavery Reporting

Target 8.8 // Our 2022 Objectives: Undertake a review of REMONDIS Australia’s Industrial Relations Policy AND Develop a REMONDIS Driver Academy

Target 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Target 9.2 // Our 2022 Objective: Increased employment opportunities across REMONDIS’ Australian operations

Target 10 Reduced Inequalities

Target 10.3 // Our 2022 Objective: Review all relevant employment policies and recruitment processes to consider opportunities for increased diversity

Target 10.4 // Our 2022 Objective: Partner with selected agencies to source candidates with diverse backgrounds

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Sustainability Strategy
PDF (English)
2021 Sustainability Report
PDF (English)

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