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REMONDIS Swanbank Renewable Energy & Waste Management Facility (known locally as Swanbank Landfill) is 38 kms south-west of Brisbane’s CBD in the City of Ipswich, and contains a commercial landfill and Transfer Station, methane capture, product destruction, vehicle depot and administrative offices. It is also home to the REdiscovery Hub, an educational waste centre for school children.

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426 Swanbank Road
QLD 4306 Swanbank


Commercial (ABN holder) customers only / Access by pre-arrangement only / Monday to Friday 6am to 5.30pm / Saturday 6am to 12.30pm / Sunday Closed / REdiscovery Hub tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays by prior arrangement only

Customer Service

Swanbank Sales Team
T 1300 605-103

Credit Team
T 13 73-73

REdiscovery Hub Education Team
T +61 7 3457-2400

Incidents & Environmental Complaints
T 1300 110-638


REMONDIS Swanbank Renewable Energy & Waste Management Facility is a long-established commercial landfill (no public access), with integrated methane capture and energy recovery via ReOrganic Energy Swanbank. The on-site REdiscovery Hub provides community education, with tours by appointment. In addition, a dedicated product destruction facility specialises in beverage containers, recycling packaging where possible. 

The following facilities are located at REMONDIS Swanbank Renewable Energy & Waste Management Facility:

Transfer Station icon


Energy from Waste icon

Energy recovery (methane)

Transfer Station icon

Transfer Station

Depot truck icon


Material Recovery Facility

Product destruction facility

Administrative office icon
Administrative office icon


Disposal services

Swanbank Landfill offers a full range of waste disposal and resource recovery services. Contact us now to discuss your commercial waste disposal needs. Call 1300 605 103 or enquire now

Hazardous and regulated waste icon

Contaminated soils

Contaminated soil testing & disposal / Heavy metal contaminated soil / PFAS/PFOS contaminated soil / Hydrocarbon contaminated soil

Hazardous and regulated waste icon

Regulated & hazardous waste

Industrial waste

General waste icon

General waste

Green waste / Polystyrene / Dry industrial & commercial waste / Secure product destruction / Construction & demolition waste

Clinical waste icon

Quarantine Waste

AQIS Approved Disposal Facility

Material Recovery Facility

Secure product destruction

Secure product destruction for beverages in containers and kegs

Resource Recovery Facility icon

Resource recovery

Concrete recycling / Timber recycling

Want to know more?

Facility footprint

Swanbank Renewable Energy and Waste Management Facility (known locally as Swanbank Landfill) extends across 250 hectares in South West Brisbane, on Yuggera Country. The facility was established in 1997, and today accepts around 500,000 tonnes of material per annum.

Product destruction

Our secure product destruction capability at Swanbank has grown rapidly since we acquired the operation in July 2023, with 6 million litres processed as at March 2024. This facility is capable of securely and safely destroying glass, aluminium, PET and tetrapak containers containing alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The facility also decants kegs for national distillers. Recyclable material is recovered from the shredded containers and returned to the circular economy as recovered resources via our Commodity Trading Desk.

Resource recovery

At Swanbank Renewable Energy and Waste Management Facility we recover recyclable resources including timbers, metals and aggregates. These are recovered from loads that have been separated at source, and are further sorted in Swanbank’s designated Resource Recovery Areas (RRAs) to remove contaminants and to be processed for transportation and sale. These materials re-enter the circular economy as valuable recovered resources, via our Commodity Trading Desk or local clients.

Leachate management

Landfills generate leachate – a contaminated liquid that is generated from water percolating through a solid waste disposal site.


Leachate management is a central part of a well-engineered landfill, and is governed by strict environmental and regulatory controls.


Leachate management involves the structures constructed and operated to contain, transport and treat leachate, including liners, collection pipes, detection systems, holding areas and treatment facilities.


Swanbank Landfill’s leachate management system is powered by our on-site renewable energy power station.

Landfill gas power generation plant

Located within our Swanbank Renewable Energy and Waste Management Facility is ReOrganic Energy Swanbank, a power generation project owned under a joint venture partnership between LMS Energy and REMONDIS.


Methane produced naturally here at Swanbank by the decomposition of organic waste in our landfill is captured and destroyed in the process of generating renewable energy, which is then exported to the local grid. This greenhouse-gas reducing facility generates approximately 27,000 MW hours of renewable electricity annually, enough energy to provide power to an average of 4,800 households each day. The facility was constructed in 2012 with 1.1 MW of capacity, and expanded to 1.5 MW in 2016. The facility was relocated and further expanded in 2023 – adding two new J320 Jenbacher generator modules – to achieve its current 3.3 MW capacity.


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Cell 9, our latest fully-engineered landfill cell

Our newly developed landfill cells have been engineered to according to best practice and the highest environmental standards. Our fully lined landfill cells allow REMONDIS to accept general and regulated wastes safely without risk of contamination to the surrounding environment. Cell 9, pictured, opened in June 2023 after several years of detailed planning and construction.

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Swanbank Terms & Conditions of Disposal
PDF (English)

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