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About us


Our response to COVID-19

The waste sector provides an essential service. Our employees are essential/authorised workers, governed by regulations designed to ensure the provision of essential services while ensuring the safety of our workers and the communities they serve. 

REMONDIS operates in all mainland states and territories of Australia, managing waste, recycling and water services for customers large and small. In every region in which we operate REMONDIS Australia has diligently followed guidelines from relevant local, state and national governments and health authorities.

UPDATE 13 May 2022 // COVID-19 Vaccination Minimum Standard revised

REMONDIS Australia’s newly updated COVID-19 Vaccination Minimum Standard reflects a shift in approach to COVID-19, with vaccination no longer a condition of employment at REMONDIS Australia.

Going forward, vaccination requirements will be governed by state and federal government requirements and recommendations, and so may vary according to the role and location of individual employees. For example, at the time of writing, Government-mandated vaccination requirements continue to be in place for a broad range of workers in Western Australia and Victoria. 

REMONDIS has strongly advocated and encouraged vaccination as the best way to safeguard our people and the communities we serve, and we continue to do so.

UPDATE 28 October 2021 // Pro-active vaccination strategy

REMONDIS has strongly advocated and encouraged vaccination as the best way to safeguard our people and the communities we serve. To date, we have required vaccination only when mandated by government (such as occurred recently in Victoria and now in WA) or local circumstances (such as in Sydney branches with LGAs of concern).

Today, we announce a pro-active strategy in which COVID-19 vaccination will become a condition of employment for all REMONDIS employees.

Why have we introduced this requirement?

Our employees have overwhelmingly shown their support for vaccination.

Now, many of our colleagues are seeking assurances that their workplaces will be safe, with all staff and visitors vaccinated. We believe our duty of care is best served by making vaccination a condition of employment.

Our customers are seeking the same assurances. For example, Telstra recently announced that all visitors to their locations (including waste service providers) must be fully vaccinated. We’re receiving these enquiries and being advised of new requirements from our customers every day, and expect these requests to escalate.

Governments are taking action. In early October, the Victorian Government announced mandatory vaccination for essential service workers, including waste industry workers. The WA Government followed suit, requiring vaccination for workers at critical infrastructure, including waste businesses.

Other businesses are taking this approach, with Woolworths, Aldi, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank all recently announcing vaccination mandates for staff. 

Going forward, all new employees will need to be vaccinated in order to commence employment with us. For current employees, second doses must be received by 31 January (earlier if a government mandate applies).

We sincerely appreciate the consideration and care our employees have shown to their colleagues and communities in responding to this requirement.

UPDATE 14 October 2021 // Vaccination status of our employees

Are your employees vaccinated?

REMONDIS complies with all of our obligations under the Public Health Orders in each State or Territory in relation to the vaccination of our employees against COVID-19. These obligations vary by state and region.

Can you provide evidence of the vaccination status of your employees?

We collect information about the vaccination status of our employees as appropriate for compliance with REMONDIS’ COVID Safety Plans and in accordance with legal requirements and the Privacy Act. As an employer, it is important to us that we fully comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act. As a consequence, REMONDIS does not provide information about the vaccination status of our employees to third parties.

Do you have a COVID Safety Plan?

REMONDIS is happy to provide an assurance that we have in place, and implement, a COVID Safety Plan in respect of our employees and, where required by law, have ensured that our employees are vaccinated.

When evidence of vaccination status is required on arrival at location/site

We recognise that our employees are required to comply with the requirements of clients/customers when entering a site or facility. If a customer imposes a requirement for service providers to their site to be vaccinated in circumstances other than as mandated by law, we ask to be advised of this requirement. We will then be able to ensure that the REMONDIS employees who attend your site are able to provide proof of their vaccination status upon entry.

We naturally ask that our customers comply with all privacy law requirements when you collect and deal with the personal information of our employees.

Questions about REMONDIS Australia’s response to COVID-19?

> Customers should contact their Account Manager or call REMONDIS Customer Service on 13 73 73, or REMONDIS IMS Customer Service on 1300 660 453

> Members of the public should call 13 73 73

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