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REMONDIS Seven Hills Resource Recovery Facility

Our Resource Recovery Facility at Seven Hills in Sydney’s Western Suburbs, near Blacktown, contains a public-access Transfer Station and resource recovery capabilities.


29 Powers Road
NSW 2147 Seven Hills


This facility is open to the public / Monday to Friday 24 hours / Saturday Midnight to 6am & 9am to 4pm / Sunday 9am to 4pm & 10pm onwards

Customer Service

Sales Representative
T 1300 802-072

Credit Team
T 13 73-73

Incidents Environmental & Complaints
T 1300 110-638

Waste types accepted at Seven Hills

General waste icon

General waste

Asbestos icon

Styrofoam / Polystyrene

Hazardous and regulated waste icon

Empty gas cylinders / Fire extinguishers

Hazardous and regulated waste icon

Paint (household quantities only)

Recyclables icon


Liquid waste icon

Sump oil

Secure waste icon


Metal recycling icon

Scrap metal

Paper & cardboard icon

Paper and cardboard

Garden organics icon

Garden waste

Secure waste icon

Vehicle batteries


REMONDIS Seven Hills Resource Recovery Facility includes the following facilities:

Resource Recovery Facility icon

Resource Recovery Facility

Transfer Station icon

Transfer Station

Depot truck icon


Waste charged by weight

Putrescible waste
Putrescible (wet) waste – This includes general waste with wet or organic components, including food waste.  $516.00 $550.00 $94.50 

(Minimum Charge)

Dry waste
This includes household junk, furniture, mixed materials including plastic, glass, metal, timber and other materials. Loads must not contain food waste, liquid waste, asbestos or hazardous materials.  $489.00 ($/tonne over or equal to 500kg ) $512.00 ($/tonne under 500kg)  $94.50 

(Minimum Charge)

Garden organics
Must be pre-sorted from mixed waste and includes small tree branches, grass and tree clippings and weeds with minimal soil. Tree branches must be less than 1 metre in length and 15cm in diameter. Loads that are not pre-sorted or contain materials such as untreated timber, palm trees, large branches, tree trunks, bamboo, bricks, or metal will be charged as dry waste.  $385.00 ($/tonne over or equal to 500kg ) $403.00 ($/tonne under 500kg)  $84.50 

(Minimum Charge)

Expanded plastics
Expanded plastics – Such as styrofoam and polystrene. This charge applies when load contains >25% of this material by volume.  $3025.00 ($/tonne over or equal to 500kg ) $3025.00 ($/tonne under 500kg)  $165.00 

(Minimum Charge)

Seven Hills Waste Charges and Services
PDF (English)

Waste charged by item

Waste type & pricing


$88.00 each. Ensemble set is charged as two mattresses 

Paint tins – Limited to household quantities only. Charges apply to container size, not the amount of paint remaining in the container. Water or oil-based paint only. No thinners, solvents or paint related products. Water based paints and oil-based paints must be kept separate and cannot be mixed into the same container. Ensure all paint containers are labelled accordingly. 

$7.30 per litre of container capacity. Minimum charge $9.90 
Car tyres  $49.50 each. Maximum 5 car tyres per visit 

Empty fire extinguishers or gas bottles – These must be empty for disposal with a maximum 9kg capacity. A limit of 2 cylinders per day applies. LPG car cylinders are not accepted. 

$3.50 per kg of container capacity 

Paper and cardboard - Includes clean newspapers and printing paper, hard and soft cover books and cardboard. Must not contain plastic packaging, or food scraps. 


E-waste – Televisions, monitors, computers, computer peripherals, printers, scanners, modems, phones and stereos from residents and small businesses. 

Motor oil FREE in household quantities
Vehicle batteries  FREE

Scrap metal 

Terms & Conditions
  • Please declare all wastes and recyclable materials on arrival at the weighbridge 
  • All vehicles are weighed in and out to calculate the net weight disposed. Weight is rounded to the nearest 20kg  
  • Prices are determined according to the waste type. Please refer to the “Waste charged by weight” and “Waste charged by item” pricing tables for further information 
  • A minimum charge applies to all chargeable waste  
  • When the minimum charge has been exceeded, a two-tiered tonnage rate applies for waste charged by weight. Tonnage rates for the same waste type vary according to load weight  
  • Higher charges may apply to bulky, special and difficult to handle wastes  
  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST), and if applicable the Section 88 Waste Levy are included in waste charges 
  • REMONDIS reserves the right to alter prices and accepted materials at any time  
  • EFTPOS and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) are accepted. Cash or cheques are not accepted 
Opening hours
  • Monday to Friday: 24 hours
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 4pm
  • Restricted opening hours apply on Good Friday and Christmas Day  

Opening hours subject to change

What happens to your waste?

Empty gas cylinders / Fire extinguishers

Gas bottles are transferred to a recycling facility. Gas bottles may be refilled and tested or recycled as scrap metal. Generally made from steel, recycling reduces the energy required to produce steel products from raw materials. Gas bottles should not be placed in landfill where they may explode or leak toxic gas. 

Paint recycling (household quantities only)  

To ensure that the disposal of household paints is safe and proper, they are transferred to Environmental Treatment Solutions facility for processing. 

Mattress recycling

A recycling contractor collects mattresses and recycles it appropriately. By doing so, these large and bulky items can be kept out of landfills. The components of the mattresses, such as wood, foam, and springs can be recycled and used to create new products.

Sump oil

The waste sump oil is transported to a nearby facility for collection, treatment, and recovery. Contaminants like additives are removed from the waste oil during refining into base oil products.

E-waste recycling

A recycling contractor collects E-waste and recycles it appropriately. As with any product, we encourage everyone to reduce, reuse, and repair before recycling. Electronics collected for recycling are generally manually disassembled and assorted into various components. These materials, such as cables, circuit boards, glass, metals, and plastics, are processed to produce new products. 

Scrap metal recycling

Scrap metal is transferred to a nearby facility for recycling. The shredded metal is then used as raw material to create recycled steel.

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard are transported to a recycling facility where the materials are sorted by type and grade, compacted into bales, and then sent to paper recycling plants. Paper and cardboard can be recycled into other products such as packaging, toilet paper and egg cartons. 

Vehicle batteries

Vehicle batteries are collected by a nearby facility for the purpose of recycling. The batteries are broken down into lead, plastic, and acid. The lead is reused to create new batteries, the plastic is also recycled, and the recovered acid is used in creating fertilizers.  change fertilizers to fertilisers.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

Seven Hills PIRMP
PDF (English)

Site rules

  • Enclosed footwear
  • 10km speed limit
  • Children remain in vehicles
  • Follow instructions by REMONDIS staff
  • No pets allowed outside of vehicles


Fees are payable for disposal of items that can’t be re-used or recycled

  • Disposal fees at REMONDIS Seven Hills can be made by EFTPOS only
  • Cash payments are not accepted

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