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Meet the six graduates in our operationally-focused 2024 Graduate Program

REMONDIS Australia // 8 April 2024


REMONDIS Australia’s Graduate Program is a two year program designed to welcome recent graduates into the rapidly evolving waste and recycling industry


In this year’s intake, we have graduates from Commerce, Business, Engineering and Environmental specialties – bringing a diverse range of skills into the business



It’s an unapolagetically hands-one program, with graduates embedded within our resource recovery facilities at St Marys NSW, Rocklea QLD, Jandakot WA and Wingfield SA


We work hard to recruit the leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow. One of the ways we welcome talent into our operations is via our Graduate Program, in which we invite recent graduates from a spectrum of specialties to join us for a two-year program of professional development performing hands-on operational roles within the depots and facilities we operate, with immediate, purposeful impact. 

The 2024 Graduate Program has an operational focus. During the architected two years, our graduates will be parachuted into all corners of the company’s business and operations, giving participants varied exposure, diverse experiences and a breadth of knowledge. There will be formal learning and supercharged development, but participants won’t be in ‘training mode’. Rather, learning and growth arises from being in a real-life setting, with exceptional mentors and a clear mission.

Now, let’s meet the graduates.


What are you most looking forward to about the Graduate Program?

Ricardo Sanchez (MEngSci, now based at St Marys NSW): I am looking forward to learning more about waste management and all the processes related to it. I am looking to apply all the knowledge I acquired at school, to get to a professional level.

Harrison Edwards (BEnvSci, now based at Rocklea QLD): The best part of the Graduate Program is it will allow me to get out of my comfort zone and explore all the different aspects of the business and not just the environmental side – which is sort of my comfort zone. Working with sales, finance and operations you really get the whole bag of treats.

Baiyi Chen (MEnvEng, now based at Dandenong South VIC): I'm eager to immerse myself within a diverse range of projects and positions... My goal is to develop a deep understanding of the industry and prepare myself for future career developments within REMONDIS.

James Romanin (BCom, now based at Jandakot WA): I am most looking forward to diversifying my skill sets through the different rotations through the departments at REMONDIS. I believe this will help me become more familiar with and understanding of all aspects and set me up for success – not only during the program but also after the program concludes.

Mohit Khanna (BBusMktg & BBusMgmt, now based at Wingfield SA): I am looking to utilise this wonderful opportunity to develop/strengthen my management abilities and develop a deep understanding of the processes of the business so I can lead and assist the business in various scenarios.

Marcel Ugochukwu (MEnvEng, now based at St Marys NSW): I'm looking forward to placements in different parts of the REMONDIS business system. I'm keen to understand the relationships between the parts – and possible conflicts. I believe this will enhance my collaborative skills and efficiency when I eventually settle into my preferred role. 

Why did you choose to come work with REMONDIS?

Mohit: I have a deep enthusiasm about environmental sustainability and transport, and REMONDIS encompasses the values and the industry that I have always wanted to be in.

Harrison: I chose to work with REMONDIS simply because I agree with the core business principle that waste is a resource. For a long time Australia has fallen behind compared to the international community, and REMONDIS is working really hard to improve that. 

Marcel: I chose REMONDIS because it is a major player in the European market which is quite advanced in waste management technology… I'm happy to be part of the team that explore these opportunities in Australia.

Baiyi: I chose REMONDIS because from my studies I've learned that recycling is the final piece of the puzzle for achieving genuine sustainability and I'm eager to dedicate myself into this field. With REMONDIS’s extensive experience and diverse range of projects I believe it offers an ideal environment for my personal and professional growth.

Ricardo: REMONDIS is a very big company with many opportunities to advance my career and much to learn... it's a good example of what makes a good company. 

And the final word goes to James:

James: REMONDIS has great aspirations and vision for a cleaner future, and I want to be part of that journey going forward. 

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