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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its + branches and associated companies in more than countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Water Network Logistics


Water network logistics

Specialised water network logistics

REMONDIS Aqua Australia provides expert consultancy, operation and management of water network logistics and IT services.

Maintaining the optimum integrity of water and waste water networks’ infrastructure requires data insights and process automation.

REMONDIS Aqua’s Network Logistics Services comprises a tech suite that supports best practice maintenance including performance monitoring, repair and replacement scheduling and provides data integration opportunities. 

Our in-house developed dedicated software applications have been informed by REMONDIS’ global water and waste water teams to ensure a client-centric, cost-controlled approach to pipeline inspection, analysis and rectification.

Native Application Interface (API) functionality provides 'plug and play’ data integration capabilities. Asset, General Ledger (billing), financial and other ancillary systems can funnel up to our GIS which allows the infrastructure to be considered within its ecosystem to identify broader, potential impacting factors in spatial map view. Maintenance planning, parts and component provision, logistics and cost consideration decisions can then be made from a holistic perspective. 

Sensor systems can share this information in real time via radio frequency transmission, providing stakeholders with a digital snapshot of infrastructure conditions, characteristics and performance. 

Business as usual and anomaly work schedules, associated documentation, approvals, inventory and stakeholder groups are managed from our MainControl software system.

The master repository has workflow capability for automated processes including assigning tasks to personnel based on criteria such as automated fault notifications, and other configurable options. 

Supported by our comprehensive Network Logistics Services suite, REMONDIS Aqua can optimise any water network logistics operation. 

Water Network Logistics Services

  • Water network logistics consultancy services
  • Purpose-built technology suite
  • Performance monitoring, repair and replacement scheduling
  • Sensor integration capabilities
  • MainControl interface for scheduling, documentation, inventory
  • Custom, automated workflows
  • Data integration capabilities via API

REMONDIS Aqua’s five specialised services

Across the globe, REMONDIS Aqua’s expertise comprises five principal service offerings for customer-specific, highly bespoke water management solutions.

About Aqua Australia

REMONDIS Aqua Australia provides water supply and waste water treatment solutions for public and privately owned infrastructures. This includes all aspects of operations and maintenance, as well as engineering design concepts, processing methodologies and regulatory authority compliance.

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About Aqua international

Internationally, we are able to build, operate and maintain pipe networks, drinking water processing facilities and sewage treatment plants as well as facilities to treat residual materials. We help to save important resources and bring vital raw materials back into circulation. An example of this is our internationally patented and award-winning REMONDIS TetraPhos® Process for recovering phosphorus from sewage.

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