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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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We have only one planet with limited resources – but we have thousands of employees with unlimited effort


A focus on sustainable business practices and health and safety provide the cornerstone of our service delivery. Sustainability is an integral part of our business and is something that everyone at REMONDIS Australia and globally, practices every single day. Our recycling activities enable valuable raw materials to be recovered and returned to production cycles, however our commitment to sustainability does not stop there, whether we are planning the routes our trucks take or reviewing the energy consumption in our facilities – we always do everything in our power to protect the environment, prevent climate change and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Waste and Resource Recovery

The way in which we conduct our business and assist our customers is critical to our impact on the climate, the management of finite resources and intergenerational equity. Globally we are campaigning for global climate protection and are focusing on innovative forms of energy that can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. By closing more and more material life cycles, and increasing recycling and resource recovery, we are also able to reduce consumption of primary materials. This helps to conserve natural resources and is an important step towards guaranteeing supplies of raw materials into the future. STEP by step to a better future.

Over the last 20 years our society has been challenged to rethink its attitude towards waste. An expanding population, growing waste generation and structure environmental regulations have increased the need to reduce waste production and minimise waste disposal in landfills. In recent years concerns about climate change has made us more aware that using natural resources for raw material and simply discarding them is not sustainable for our planet or future generations. As a result, the waste we once considered unusable rubbish is now recognised for the potential it holds as a resource.

The term resource recovery recognises the value in materials once used and discarded. Instead these materials are harvested, collected, reprocessed to create new materials. It means that only waste that is truly unrecoverable will be destined for landfill, everyday people across REMONDIS are looking at how we can reduce our reliance on landfill.

Closing the loop

Closing the loop refers to using recycled rather than raw materials. The use of raw materials has a higher cost for our environment due to the energy intensity of natural resource extraction, transportation and refining materials for manufacturing processes. Using recycled materials can significantly reduce energy consumption and resultant greenhouse gas emissions from both transportation and manufacturing. It also encourages diversion of waste from landfill. At REMONDIS we are helping to close the loop by collecting comingled from kerbside and commercial bins and transporting these to MRFs (material recovery facilities) to be recovered and reprocessed, reducing our reliance on raw materials and whilst continuing to invest in recycling.
Together, we believe we can achieve a more sustainable future; a future in which waste is a resource.

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