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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its + branches and associated companies in more than countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Waste Streams

Organic solutions for your soil

Did you know that compost can be used to improve the productivity of Australia’s nutrient-poor soils?

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Why choose REMONDIS for your organic compost?

85 organics processing facilities internationally

2,700,000 tonnes of recycled organic waste processed every year

International leader in food waste, biosolids and garden organics processing

Compliant with Australian Standards

Tailored products for Australian conditions

What do you need to know about compost organics?

Once food organics, FOGO, and garden organics are collected, we transport them to a specialised Organics Resource Recovery Facility (ORRF). Using tunnel composting technology, we produce high-quality compost in various grades. Our client base is diverse and includes those in landscaping, agriculture (both intensive and broad-acre), mines, vineyards, and farming operations, such as fruit and vegetable growing.


Features of REMONDIS compost
  • Improve soil structure and stability
  • Enhance soil fertility
  • Promote beneficial microbial activity
  • Enhance pathogen resistance
  • Increase water retention reducing the need for irrigation
  • Suppress weeds
  • Improve temperature control
  • Build up humus and support carbon storage in the soil
Our products

REMONDIS proudly converts organic waste streams into the following products:

  • Compost – 0-15mm fine
  • Compost – 15-50mm coarse
  • Mulches

Who uses our compost?

Agriculture // Landscaping // Mines // Vineyards and fruit growers // Rehabilitation works // Viticulture 

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A bin for every business
A bin for every business
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Commercial Waste Solutions brochure
Commercial Waste Solutions
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Organic solutions for your soil

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