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Energy from Waste

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Energy from Waste

Australia has global and local expertise in Energy from Waste, and a passionate drive to champion these innovative technologies here in Australia.

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Energy from Waste (EfW) solutions

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What do you need to know about Energy from Waste?

Energy from Waste – also known as Waste to Energy, EfW or W2E – is an umbrella term for an array of technologies, processes and practices which convert waste materials into energy or fuel.

Globally, REMONDIS is an expert owner and operator of Energy from Waste facilities, with 16 EfW facilities under management worldwide.
EfW plants may recover energy and produce electricity from the combustion of non-recyclable waste, or through methane harvesting.

Rationale for Energy from Waste
  • Adopting EfW technology ensures that wastes that are not able to be recovered and recycled by other means are not sent to landfill and, instead, are put to beneficial use
  • Diverting these wastes reduces the environmental problems of landfill – such as leachate, greenhouse gas emissions and odour
  • The technology for recovering energy through thermal waste treatment has been proven across Europe for decades, and Europe would not have met its European Union waste recovery and landfill diversion targets without significant investment in EfW technologies
  • Unlike energy generated by wind and solar systems, electricity from energy from waste plants is available 24/7, 365 days a year

Energy from Waste in Queensland

Swanbank Renewable Energy and Waste Management Facility in the City of Ipswich in South East Queensland is one of Australia’s largest landfills employing a leachate recirculation system to accelerate decomposition of waste and the production of methane gas to generate electricity – in an operation we call ReOrganic, managed in joint venture with REMONDIS and LMS Energy.

Our ambition for this site is to largely replace our landfill operations with one of Australia’s first Energy from Waste facilities, integrated within a planned $700 million Swanbank Clean Energy and Resource Recovery Precinct. More on our plans for Energy from Waste in Queensland

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