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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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Helping Australia process all types of waste safely, sustainably and responsibly.

REMONDIS handles every type of waste for every type of customer.

REMONDIS Australia provides a range of waste containers and collection options for customers. By assessing the types and quantities of waste produced by your organisation or business, we will recommend an environmentally sound and cost-effective way to minimise general waste output and reduce waste to landfill. Whatever type of waste you have, we have the right solution for it.

Paper & Cardboard

Paper & Cardboard is an easy product to recycle, by separating this from plastics it reduces contamination and increases recyclability. Materials accepted for paper & cardboard recycling may include

Newspapers and magazine

Office paper

Cardboard boxes

Envelopes and flyers

Co-mingled Recycling

All customers and businesses can play a role in building a sustainable future by making sure their waste goes to an environmentally-responsible collection service. Our collection and processing services sort out materials that are suitable for recycling and then send them to specialised facilities where they can be renewed for industrial use. Materials accepted for co-mingled recycling may include

Paper and cardboard

Steel or aluminium



General Waste

While we focus on providing solutions to customers aimed at reducing waste in landfill, we know that it is not always possible, or viable to recycle all waste. We work with our customers to understand their waste needs and provide the right solution for their business. Materials accepted for general waste include

Soiled containers

Broken Ceramic and glass

Plastic Bags

Non-recyclable packaging

Food and Garden Organic Waste

Australia produces over 7.3 million tonnes of food waste annually, and the majority ends up as general waste. Businesses can choose to have an organics bin for garden waste, food waste and other biodegradable organic material which are ideally suited for producing high-quality compost products. Organic waste can includes:

Food scraps

Coffee grinds

Garden trimmings

Grass Clippings

Construction & Demolition Waste

No construction work can take place without producing rubble. Whether at a site of new construction, refurbishment or renovation, mixed construction waste is almost always produced. Often, construction waste is produced in such large quantities that disposal via standard waste bins is just not feasible. Since almost all parts of construction waste can be recycled, we separate them carefully to prepare them for further processing and recycling. Construction waste can include:





Product Destruction

We have secure processes in place to handle the destruction of confidential papers, products and materials that need to stay out of circulation and need secure processes to ensure their proper destruction. These materials can include:

Confidential papers

Promotional materials



Hazardous Waste

Waste that poses potential risks to human health and the environment needs specialised and extra-careful handling. We have highly-secure systems and trained staff in place to safely collect, process and dispose of hazardous materials under carefully controlled conditions that make sure high-risk materials stay out of the environment. Hazardous waste can include:

Packaged chemicals


Quarantine Waste

Medical Waste


Workshop Waste

Liquid Waste

Safety is always our top priority when collecting and transporting any kind of liquid waste. That’s why we provide the right container for each and every type of waste material – whether solid, pasty or liquid - no matter its quantity. Our dedicated liquid waste transport fleet includes vacuum tankers suitable for a wide range of applications – from 4,000-litre Minivacs with a mere 2 metres of clearance, to 34,000-litre B-Double tankers. Our fleet also includes Kingvac super-suckers that can remove and transport 5-6 tonnes of wet or dry material. REMONDIS Australia is fully equipped to handle:

Grease traps and food waste

Septic & sullage

Oily sludges

Ship bilge wash waters


Site de-watering

Regulated liquid

Industrial cleaning (e.g. tank cleanouts or shutdowns)

High-pressure water blasting

Vacuum sludge bins & hook lift transport

Dangerous liquid goods

Drilling mud

Non-destructive digging

Do you have a waste type not shown above? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss collection and recycling options today. Contact

Waste acceptance criteria does vary from state to state and the above should be used as a guide only

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