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Locations REMONDIS Australia

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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its 900+ branches and associated companies in more than 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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Services tailored to the full circular economy

Specialist waste services that support Australia’s circular economy

REMONDIS is an innovative global leader in the field of resource recovery, successfully operating for decades throughout Europe, Australia and around the world. Our expertise extends to mechanical and biological treatment, composting and anaerobic digestion, energy recovery, cardboard, paper and plastic processing and wastewater treatment. With a global network of more than 800 sorting, treatment and processing facilities catering to all types of waste, REMONDIS Australia can recover a variety of raw materials, ranging from plastics to organics. With our partner network in Australia, we build, operate and manage material recovery facilities, transfer stations, organic processing plants and community drop off centres across the country.

Our capabilities

Waste sorting

We own or operate transfer stations across New South Wales, Queensland, and the Australian Capital Territory. Serving as a waste disposal point for the general public, businesses and local councils, our waste transfer stations help collect, identify and sort the waste by material type. Using a combination of equipment and manual labour, we separate the disposables from the recyclables and make sure they are sent to the appropriate facility for further processing.

Resource Recovery

The materials recovery facility, or MRF, is a key part of our residential and commercial recycling programs. Our MRF network receives commingled materials, removes contaminants and then separates, sorts and compacts them for transfer to material-specific recycling facilities. After processing, the recycled material is marketed to end-user manufacturers to close the loop on the circular economy. REMONDIS Australia can recover and re-market a wide range of materials, including ferrous metal, aluminium, PET, HDPE, cardboard, and mixed paper.

Separation of hazardous materials or liquids

We offer an extensive range of treatment technologies and facilities that can handle all volumes of hazardous materials and liquid disposal. Wherever possible, our expert teams can also recover and process different types of liquid waste for recycling, and securely dispose of any hazardous waste as per government regulations. For customers with complex needs, we also offer consulting services that address regulated chemical waste removal and hazardous waste management.

Organics collection and composting

REMONDIS Australia, drawing on its international expertise as a leader in the treatment of food & organic waste, has nurtured long-term partnerships with several local councils and operates state-of-the-art organics processing facilities in NSW for garden and food organics. Globally REMONDIS operates over 60 organics processing facilities and recycles 2.7 million tonnes of organic waste each year. In Australia we have developed combined food and garden organics collection solutions that serves over 250,000 of Australian residents, converting over 70,000 tonnes of organic waste into high-quality compost products.

Organics collection and composting

Drawing on our international expertise and local experience, REMONDIS Australia delivers best practice in organics processing that includes:

Contamination management

Facility design and construction

Technology selection

Process innovation

Development approvals

Odour and vermin control

Treatment & Disposal

From rubbish collection to council compliance to commercial waste collection, we can help ensure all types of waste are removed, recycled, treated and where necessary disposed of efficiently and sustainably. REMONDIS Australia also offers auditing and reporting services, helping customers in achieving sustainability goals by minimising waste to landfill and paving the way to a sustainable future.

Use of solar power is just one of our many RE-­Earth organic processing innovations

REMONDIS Australia