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Sharing knowledge with a new generation of Australians


We believe we have a responsibility to share our knowledge and expertise of sustainable waste management practices with the next generation. It is a task that we are more than happy to take on: knowledge must be widely shared before it can bring about social and political change. By educating and empowering others, we can ensure the worlds of politics and business strengthen their commitment to sustainable solutions that protect our environment.

To maximise diversion from landfill, REMONDIS Australia educates customers as part of our onboarding process, helping them understand what kind of waste should go into each bin to reduce contamination and reduce the load on general waste bins. Education on recycling symbols and best practices are key. By acting locally and thinking globally, we want to raise awareness of resource recovery as a key responsibility of our time. We need to look at how existing materials can be regenerated and reused to achieve our common goal of a sustainable future. That’s why responsible practices and sustainability need to be ingrained into our culture, becoming integral components of our nation’s social, political and economic processes.

Fostering sustainability through education

In order to achieve their waste diversion and resource recovery targets, businesses and councils rely on the support of their employees and communities. REMONDIS Australia provides customised education and training programs for the entire range of stakeholders involved in waste management, from schools, community groups, senior and middle management to cleaning sub-contractors and operational staff.

Wherever there is an opportunity to make a difference and support sustainable practices, we will always be there, full of passion and enthusiasm for the cause. Our programmes cover a whole range of activities, from educational projects, to serving as advisors, to supporting universities. Today’s trainees will be tomorrows managers, which is why we regularly run national and international trainee programs. Our educational programmes offer young people exciting career prospects as well as opportunities to participate in apprenticeship schemes, which you can learn more about in our career section.

Our education packages are interactive, innovative and are frequently updated to ensure we are communicating up-to-date information in an effective manner

The REMONDIS Harbour Cities Education Officers

Part of our role as the Waste Management Service Provider for Shellharbour and Wollongong City Councils is to provide community education. The REMONDIS Harbour Cities Education Officers regularly visit and present to primary and high schools. The presentations are interactive and help the students understand where the contents of each of their three bins ends up and how they can help manage their household waste. They also engage with local community groups, such as Rotary, Probus and Lions Clubs to educate on best waste practices.

The Waste Education Officers develop and distribute educational materials such as bin lid stickers, collection calendars and information brochures as well as managing the Councils waste websites.


Your waste, your future. The REMONDIS Harbour Cities Education Officer would love to explore all things waste and recycling with your school or community group Shellharbourwaste

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